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28 November 2018 (by admin)

Mr Hayles has written to all parents about the proposed changes to Beauchamp College's admissions policy for their sixth form.

The attached letter is the response of our Multi-Academy Trust (Oak Trust) to Beauchamp College following their introduction of random selection in its post 16 admissions criteria for September 2019, for which there has been no consultation.  Beauchamp College is currently undertaking an admissions consultation, also including random selection, for entry into its sixth form in 2020.

We are writing to you as this policy has an impact on all local parents who wish their child to gain a place for A-level study at Beauchamp.  Oak Trust is incredibly concerned that random selection will severely limit the opportunities for local students to attend Beauchamp College.  
In its business case for the relatively recent age range change in the area, Beauchamp College stated: 
'Beauchamp College has a highly desirable and oversubscribed 6th form which attracts students from a wide area.  The proposal takes into account the needs of the local community to ensure that enough places will be available to meet the demands of the area.  Over the next year, if age range change were to be successful, we would look at the 6th form admissions oversubscription criteria to give priority to the local community.'
We wonder what has changed?  With random selection, a student who does not already attend Beauchamp, living on the other side of the county has as much chance of getting into the 6th form as a pupil who lives in the immediate proximity of the college.  Our letter to Beauchamp, which also details (in Appendix 2) our objection to the Office of the School Adjudicator, sets out our concerns in more detail.