Technology is changing all the time. New games, apps and websites are being constantly updated as well as upgraded digital devices that we use to access them. With each new digital platform there are new risks and potential threats. Children are creating and uploading content to the internet through online gaming, social media and streaming sites. Their role is no longer passive. They are creating and shaping their own online world. E-safety is an area where we have seen a change during the last few years. Younger children are increasingly using technology in complex ways. Whilst their online skills are getting better, their knowledge and awareness of the inherent issues, risks and dangers remains low. It is our collective responsibility to better equip them for a digital world. We all have a responsibility to keep children and young people safe when they are online. Everyone has a part to play.

We must empower children and young people to keep themselves safe. Children will always push boundaries and take risks. Our job is to help them understand the risks with being online and teach them what to do if they feel threatened or unhappy with anything they see or hear. We must talk to them about their worries, set a good example when we are online and regularly check in with them to make sure they know we are there to support them. 

Do you know how to keep your children safe online? At Woodland Grange we are committed to discussing these serious issues as part of our e-safety curriculum but we can only be successful if we work in partnership: pupils, parents and teachers. Each year we take part in Safer Internet Day (in February) and work across our school to reinforce key messages.

At Woodland Grange we support the annual Safer Internet Day (a global event hosted in this country by the UK Safer Internet Centre). The theme for 2021 is 'In the internet we trust' which aims to explore reliability online. How do we make sure that children and young people are not being exposed to incorrect or false information?

We have compiled an information sheet for parents as well as a document with further information and links. Click below to open these documents or click here to visit the SID 2021 website

The links in the section below will hopefully help with further advice and information on a range of e-safety issues including online gaming, social media, live streaming and cyberbullying).

 E-safety Parents and Carers Resource Sheet 2021.pdfDownload
 Safer interent day 2021 for parents.pdfDownload
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The NSPCC has put together some useful information for parents.

 Online safety checklist.pdfDownload
 Online safety for primary school children.pdfDownload
 Online safety for under 5s.pdfDownload
 Online safety for teenagers.pdfDownload
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We expect all children at Woodland Grange to follow our acceptable use policy when using technology at school. Click on the link to download a copy (it could be useful at home too).

 WG Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils 2013.pdfDownload
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Further resources for you download, print and use at home.

 SID 2021 Family Activities.pdfDownload
 SID 2021 Family Online Safety Plan.pdfDownload
 SID2021 Conversation Starters.pdfDownload
 SID2021 What to trust online (A Parents and Carers Guide).pdfDownload
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