Our world is becoming increasingly dependent on digital data. Many aspects of our lives can now be processed online (banking, shopping or online subscriptions for example) using a variety of digital tools and apps. Many of our records in school are now also computer based. Companies and organisations now have to be mindful of the safety of collecting, using and sharing information online. 

With this in mind GDPR will be launched on 25th May 2018. It replaces the current UK Data Protection Act (1998). GDPR stands for the EU General Data Protection Regulation. It will govern how schools collect, use and share information. It provides individuals with rights and control over how their information is handled by organisations, including schools.

At Woodland Grange we are taking steps to review and up date our policies and processes around handling information. The school will provide a DPO (Data Protection Office) who will monitor these changes. We will publish more information about how we are meeting the GDPR on this page in due course, which will include a privacy notice explaining how we handle pupil information, what rights you have and how to exercise them and our policies around this.

If you would like to find out more about the GDPR and your rights, please visit the UK’s data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Should you have any queries regarding the GDPR and our school, please email:

Click here to visit the Information Commissioner's Office.


 Click on the OAK Trust logo to visit the dedicated GDPR page which contains further information including privacy notices for pupils, school workforce and school governors.

Click below to open our Trust GDPR documents including a guide to your data rights and a subject action request form.

 OAK Consent guide.pdfDownload
 OAK My Rights - A guide for data subjects.pdfDownload
 OAK Subject Access Request - Requestor Guide.pdfDownload
 OAK Subject Access Request form.pdfDownload
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Click here to download a consent document for pupil images. We use pupils images on our (e.g.) website and social media feed. 

 pupil image consent form 2020 for website.pdfDownload
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Click to open our COVID track and trace privacy notice.

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