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Exciting Learning

Woodland Grange Primary school invests a great deal of time and money into its pre-school in order to provide a wonderful setting and fantastic resources so that we can give our youngest pupils the very best start to their education and, of course, prepare them for perhaps joining the main school in the September following their fourth birthday.

The pre-school has its own secure entrance and dedicated rooms within the main school building.  It has its own outdoor play area and at times will benefit from being on a main school site by having access to the school's wider resources and environment.

We passionately believe in providing children with a rich variety of learning experiences and everything we do is about children learning whilst having fun; play is central to the way in which children learn.

We want our children to develop great foundations to do very well academically over the rest of their school lives but we are passionate about our children developing a love of learning.  To this end we immerse them in a dynamic and exciting environment in which they are supported in the acquisition of communication and language skills and in their physical, personal, social and emotional development so that children of all ages and abilities make excellent progress in their learning.

We believe in creativity, exploration and first-hand experience and want our children to be great thinkers who from the earliest stages begin to develop independence and the ability to think for themselves.

Pre-school children, when appropriate, will have the opportunity to benefit from an even wider range of learning opportunities provided within our adjacent Foundation Stage setting.  This will enable us to really stretch and challenge all of our pupils.

We are a multi-cultural school and will be celebrating all the major religious festivals and events across the year.  


Forest School is a significant feature of our work at Woodland Grange and we look forward to giving our 3 year olds some wonderful outdoor learning opportunities.


How will I know how to support my child with his/her learning?

Just as in our Foundation Stage, we have close relationships with our parents and interact with them on a daily basis in a variety of ways to help them support their children at home.

Each child is allocated a key-worker who gets to know your child particularly well.


We use TAPESTRY, a system that we use to record your child's learning.  As soon as we save a photo or video and a written statement about your child, a record of this is sent to your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) so that you can see exactly what your child has been doing at school.  TAPESTRY will enable you to talk to your child about their activites in the pre-school and doing exactly this will further extend his/her learning. Using the same, simple to use system, you can also record activities and leaning at home to share with us.