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Return to school - August 2020

12 August 2020 (by admin)

Mr Hayles has written to all parents about returning to school on August 26th.

Dear parents

I hope you have had the best possible summer break with your children and we look forward to welcoming all children back to school, with most starting on Wednesday 26th August.

With the start of term just over two weeks away I am writing to let you know that I will be forwarding you our re-opening plan very soon.  The main points will likely be: 

  • All pupils will return into their normal classes and be able to access a full day, five days a week but with some staggering of start and end times to avoid congestions at school entrances (there will also be a one way system in place at some points).  Prompt pick-up and drop-off by parents will be crucial. 
  • Year groups will, as much as possible, be kept separate from each other, including additional staggering and/or separation  of pupils at play and lunchtime 
  • No whole school gatherings e.g. assemblies, limited sharing of resources between groups and no contact sports 
  • A continued rich, varied and exciting curriculum but with additional focus on reading, writing and maths to help them catch up on missed learning 
  • Hot dinners will be provided but will be organised differently to avoid all pupils eating together in the hall 
  • Enhanced cleaning and adherence to high standards of hand and respiratory hygiene (enhanced hand washing/sanitisation and adherence to ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’) 
  • Movement around the school, including by parents in the morning and after school will be limited (we are asking for only one parent to drop children off and pick them up, to not enter classrooms and to contact the school by email or telephone in preference to visiting the office) 
  • An expectation that pupils, parents and staff will not come onto the school site if displaying symptoms of Covid or if self-isolating due to someone they are linked to having symptoms or a positive test result.  We ask parents to inform us of the outcome of any test as soon as possible.  If a child or adult develops symptoms at school we will isolate the child (age appropriately) and send the person home as quickly as possible, advising that a test is requested. 
  • As encouraged by the Government and to support our working parents, we will be running our normal before and after school care provision in the pre-school and Owl’s Hoot.  Clubs form part of this provision for many parents and we will aim to have these up and running as normal but there may be fewer running than normal as many are run on a voluntary basis.  Some clubs (not all) are for single year groups which makes segregation easier but before and after-care is not and we need all parents to be aware of this. 

I look forward to sharing greater detail with you soon, including how we propose to use the ‘catch up’ and pupil premium (for eligible pupils) funding we have been allocated.  We will be assessing pupils close to the start of the year to ascertain gaps in learning and will be planning accordingly. 

All plans are of course subject to change according to what is happening locally, nationally and the subsequent government guidance.

Nothing continues to be more important that our pupils’ health, happiness and all-round progress and a great education is a key part of that.  We continue to be in challenging times but we look forward to an exciting and productive year with you and your children. 

 Kindest regards 

Mr Hayles