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Return of pupils on March 8th

1 March 2021 (by admin)

Mr Hayles has written to all families following the Prime Minister's anouncement on Monday 22nd February.

Dear Parents/Carers

We are very pleased, following the Government announcement to welcome back ALL pupils to school on Monday, 8th of March.

The headlines of how we will operate are as follows:

All pupils start back on Monday March 8th. The government has made attendance compulsory unless a child is Extremely Critically Vulnerable (evidence of shielding letter required).

For those who normally use the service, before school care both in Owl's Hoot and PreSchool from 7.45, will operate as before (there will be no 8.15am early start service in each year group bubble as is currently operating for keyworkers' children). After-care will also operate in the PreSchool and Owl's Hoot until 6pm. If you are going to make use of Owl's Hoot, please reconfirm the place for your child by contacting Mrs Patel: owlshoot@woodlandgrange.leics.sch.

The one-way system for parents will still be in place (through main pedestrian gate and, around rear of school to FS pedestrian gate exit).

Please distance from other parents and children when on-site.

Staggered drop-off and pick up times as before (reminder of these times further down).

When on-site, parents/carers must wear a mask (child drop-off and pick-ups) and only ONE parent to drop off children please to minimise the number of parents on-site. Please only visit the office by appointment with most contact by telephone or email.

Pupils will again be in year group bubbles with identified year group toilets and play areas. The classes within bubbles will not mix indoors (classes from Year 1 upwards will not come together at any point) and there will be no key stage or whole school assemblies. Playtimes staggered to minimise the number of children outside at the same time and separate play areas are identified for each bubble. At lunchtimes, only the FS, year 1 and year 2 will eat in the hall (well separated) and pupils in year 3 upwards will again eat in classrooms. Again, bubbles will play in separated areas.

No before or after school clubs this term (to be reviewed after Easter).

As before, extra cleaning of key areas such as toilets and touch points.

Sanitiser stations (wall mounted) remain in place across the school and tissues and pedal bins to facilitate ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’. Thorough handwashing and good ventilation of indoor areas will continue to be emphasised.

Equipment is not shared between bubbles unless cleaned thoroughly between use or left for 72 hours.

Masks - new requirements for staff

We are operating to new government guidelines that now recommend use of masks by primary school staff in communal areas where they cannot socially distance. We are not recommending this but insisting on it for staff across the school. Staff not in the same bubble already socially distance but, staff will now wear masks when moving around the school and when in communal areas. This will include when picking up children or dropping them off from parents. Staff are not expected to wear masks when teaching but may opt to do so when in bubble areas if they wish (some staff members already do). Access to staffroom areas is very restricted with no more than 7 members of staff in the main staff room and when not eating staff will be expected to wear a mask unless it is only a single bubble’s staff using the area. Other staff areas have also been identified to reduce the concentration of staff in given spaces. Staff meetings have always been socially distanced since the start of first lockdown but now take place via Teams rather than face-to-face, again to reduce contact between staff.

 Pupils are not expected to wear masks in school and if wearing one to school, should remove it at the school gate.

Testing of Staff

We are now carrying out twice weekly (Sunday and Wednesday) asymptomatic testing of staff members, including lunchtime staff, kitchen staff and cleaners. This will help us to pick up on staff members who are unaware they are infectious because they are not showing any symptoms.

Staggered start/end times

Staff will be on hand in the first week to help direct parents who may need reminding of the systems.

Arrival times

If you have children in multiple year groups then to make it easier for you, you are welcome to arrive with your children at the EARLIEST drop-off time but it is important not to arrive at the latest time as learning will commence promptly.

We urge parents not to come on site (this includes dropping off forgotten items) unless strictly necessary i.e. to drop off our younger pupils. We would prefer children from year 4 upwards to be left by parents to come in through the school gate by themselves. Children will gather on the first day in the areas assigned below if mentioned but pupils in year 3 and upwards will in future, if not on the first day, go straight to their classrooms at the allotted arrival times (please no earlier). Morning line-up points, where still needed, may change as we move forwards. A reminder please – ALL parents to use the MAIN pedestrian gate to enter school as part of the one-way system.

Pre School: children will start at their normal, booked session times, entry via the main school gate and then the preschool playground.
Foundation Stage (Reception): 8:50am start, entry via main school gate and foundation stage playground having walked around the rear of school .
Year 1 pupils: 9.00am, entry via main school gate and head to playground at the rear of school.
Year 2 pupils: 9.00am, entry via main gate and wait on main playground, near the three playhouses.
Year 3 pupils: 8.50, entry via main gate and head to main playground near the hall. Mrs Fletcher’s class to enter and leave via her fire escape and Mrs Santy & Mrs Turner’s class via the main mobile entrance.
Year 4 pupils: 8.50, entry via main school gate and pupils go straight to classrooms on the school drive.
Year 5 pupils: 8.40am, entry via main school gate and pupils go straight to the classrooms in the wood-clad Barnes Building.
Year 6 pupils: 8.40am, entry via main gate and head to playground at rear of school on first day but in future pupils will go straight to classrooms using identified entrances.


Departure Times

If you have children in multiple year groups, please wait with your other child(ren) in a playground in a socially distanced manner, not allowing your child(ren) to play with other children or any school equipment (e.g. the adventure playground).

ALL parents should wait for their children in identified places having entered school via the MAIN school gate and will leave via the other pedestrian gate near the Foundation Stage having walked around the rear of school.

Pre-school: parents wait in preschool playground at usual session end time.
Foundation Stage (Reception): 3.15pm, wait in FS playground.
Year 1: 3.20pm, wait in playground at rear of school - not under the canopy please.
Year 2: 3.20pm, wait in main playground near the three playhouses.
Year 3: 3.10pm, wait in main playground.
Year 4: 3.10pm, wait on driveway near year 4 mobile.
Year 5: 3.00pm, wait in main playground rather than in the more confined area in front of the Barnes Building.
Year 6: 3.00pm, wait on playground at rear of school - not under the canopy please.

 We are genuinely thrilled to have all the children back but, as throughout this pandemic, we will constantly review our procedures and update them as necessary, as nothing is more important to us than the health of your children and your wider family.

I will write to you again soon to remind you of the mechanism for reporting pupil Covid cases in the eventuality that isolation periods are necessary. We will continue, in such cases, to use Tapestry or Microsoft Teams to continue pupils' education.

Thank you again for your support and understanding at these difficult times and I wish you and your children and wider families, good health.

Mr Hayles