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27 February 2019 (by admin)

Concerns over the latest online, viral game.

Some parents and carers may have heard of MoMo. It's a new game that has been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons. Several schools locally have expressed their concern over the content of the game and we wanted to let you know too.

MoMo encourages players to perform a series of challenges to progress through the game. It has some very dark themes and encourages risky behaviour. The game can be accessed through social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube (we are ware that it has even been seen on YouTube for kids) children don't even have to specifically search for 'MoMo' as it can pop up on the screen as an advert.

The game requires a mobile phone number to play. Players are encouraged to share a number which then sends them messages containing each challenge. The challenges get worse as you progress through the game. Failure to complete a challenge results in even more nasty messages. We are very concerned about the effects on the wellbeing of a child who mistakenly starts playing this game.

Parents are advised to speak to their children about clicking on unknown links whilst using the internet, saying 'no' to online invitations from people they don't know and understanding the importance of talking to trusted adults if there is anything they are worried about online.

For further advice online visit our school website (our e-safety page is under the menu 'Keeping safe') or contact the NSPCC on 0800 8005000.