Preschool and Year 1 closed from tomorrow following a positive test. All parents have been informed, please check your emails.

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6 March 2020 (by admin)

We have written to parents and carers with advice about Covid 19.

Dear Parents

I am writing to let you know what precautionary steps we are taking to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

We are getting quotes for the installation of air hand dryers for all child toilets where there are not already in place. This will likely involve the installation of 12 to 14 new dryers. We will get rid of the material roller towels that are, in my opinion, far from sanitary compared to disposable paper towels or air dryers. If we cannot get warm air dryers installed quickly, we will put paper towel dispensers in all toilets ASAP. We will ideally be getting the high efficiency models that use less energy and less heat (but faster air) - they are more expensive but over time will save energy and have better environmental credentials than the older style air dryers or even paper towels. Over time we may well replace the older style warm air dryers that we have.

We will not use bars of soap in any toilets but only pump dispenser soap ( in classrooms as well as toilets).

ALL pupils (other than a few pre-school pupils who may not be in at the end of this week) will have received training in effective handwashing. This has also been emphasised in assembly today.

We will put up hand washing guidance as per the illustrations below, in all classrooms and toilets.

Here is a link to a video from CBBC Newsround (it is the second video - How to wash your hands - 43 seconds long) 

and I would like you, as parents, just as we have done in school, to show this to your children and then follow the guidance in the film as well as the illustrations to instruct you children how to wash their hands well (the only extra step in the poster is washing of wrists). The final picture suggests hand-washing should take 15-30 seconds. We have suggested that pupils sing happy birthday twice out-loud or in their heads as that should certainly be 20 to 30 seconds of hand-washing.

We do not want to alarm our children but please talk, at an age appropriate level, about why we need to wash our hands, especially after going to the toilet and before eating - not just related to Covid 19 (the other Newsround videos in the link are also good) but it just being good healthy clean practice. Perhaps talk about someone going to the toilet and getting wee or poo on their hands and flushing the toilet and touching the door lock or handle and then them touching it next - anything that gets them thinking!!

We have also talked to pupils about using tissues and binning them or using the crook of the elbow to 'catch' sneezes rather than hands.

Be assured that we are now getting DAILY updates from the Department of Education and will inform you of any further steps that we or parents need to take. At this stage it has been emphasised to us that we do not need to close the school and that there is no need to self-isolate unless symptoms become apparent. We will do all we can to keep your children and staff safe.

Kind Regards

Mr K Hayles


Woodland Grange Primary and Pre-School