Preschool and Year 1 closed from tomorrow following a positive test. All parents have been informed, please check your emails.

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Coronavirus - update from Mr Hayles

16 March 2020 (by admin)

The following message has been sent out to all parents on Monday 16th March.

Dear Parents
There is an awful lot in the media and you may be aware of how schools, so far, have been directed to respond to the virus.
Like other schools we are getting daily updates from the DfE and the current advice can be summarised as:
Stay open unless directed by Public Health England (PHE) to close
Staff are to self isolate for 7 days if they have a temperature and persistent cough - I encourage you and your children to to the same
No foreign trips
It has been emphasised to us that we should not be closing to deep clean unless we have a confirmed case. 
We do not have foreign trips but we are sensibly looking at all plans that are for non-essential activity which include: trips within the UK, visitors to school (including governors and trustees), parents visiting the site, performances, whole school assemblies etc. 
For the time being ALL trips that take pupils beyond the school are cancelled until further notice on the basis that the buses and venues may have been used by many other children and adults from other schools and the wider public.  There will be no Year 3 visit to Bethell Church today, no pre-school lambing visit and no after school Year 6 football competition.  There will be no swimming for Year 2 or Year 4 until further notice.
Before and after school clubs and care in Owls Hoot or the PreSchool will continue as normal, as will any after school tuition.
Pre-School continues as normal unless, like the main school, we are forced to close.
We are planning for the possibility of mandatory closure, not least to provide for the continued education of pupils, for example through the provision of on-line learning materials (with thought going into how this could be provided for those families without on-line access).  We have no indication at the moment as to whether the government is planning to close schools
We cannot plan for every eventuality but be assured we are taking appropriate steps at this time to minimise the risk to your children and  your wider families.  We will keep you updated if there is a significant shift in policy.
Kind Regards

Mr K Hayles