Preschool and Year 1 closed from tomorrow following a positive test. All parents have been informed, please check your emails.

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School closure letter

19 March 2020 (by admin)

Mr Hayles has written about the school closure on Friday 20th March. We will remain open for specific groups of pupils.

Dear parents/carers


We are still waiting for the official list of key workers from the Department for Education however we wanted to begin to plan what school would look like from Monday onwards, following the closure on Friday. We have set up a survey for key worker parents to complete. Our list of defined Key Workers, are:

  • NHS staff
  • Police officers
  • Fire Service employees
  • Ambulance service employees
  • Teachers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Highways agency staff
  • Other council employees

Please only complete the survey if both parents are key workers. If only one parent is a key worker we will not expect your child to be at school after Friday.

If you are one of these Key Workers and, therefore, your child is entitled to be in school from Monday of next week and you wish to take up the provision, please click on this LINK to give us the key information we need. YOU DO NOT need to click on the link if your child is categorised as within the ‘Vulnerable’ children category (which includes children with an EHCP or an allocated social worker) as we will be calling all parents of these children.  The provision we will make for the children of Key Workers and Vulnerable children will include pre-school pupils and before/after school care.

We need Key Workers to follow the link above and to do this by 9.30am tomorrow morning but we recognise that waiting for the official list has meant that we have not been able to send this letter earlier. The sooner you can complete the survey then the sooner we can begin to plan for the coming weeks.

It may be the case that not all Key Workers need or want to have their children in school (not least because only one (of two parent families) may be a key worker in the household) and may choose to keep their children at home if appropriate care is available (government recommend that this should not be grandparents).  If you are a key worker and know already that you do not want/do not need to have your children in school, you do not need to follow the link.  However, you are welcome to contact us at any time should your circumstances change.

It is expected that ‘Vulnerable’ children will attend school (as part of this, pupils with EHCPs are entitled to attend).

For children coming to school from Monday, you can let us know in the normal way if they are ill or you are needing to self-isolate.  We would also need to know if you wish to cease using the provision.

I must re-emphasise that school is closed to all but ‘Vulnerable’ children and those of Key Workers from this Friday evening (20th March).

Normal after school clubs will not be running but for parents who usually access before and after school care and clubs we are still aiming to make provision so we will also need to know this when you complete the link above.  We will consider extending the provision to those who have not previously accessed this service but we may be limited by staffing to care for new children up to 6pm. I still have many staff members self-isolating so may struggle to make provision until 6pm for ANY children. I will let you know as soon as possible.

We are not able to extend hours for pre-school pupils so the provision (sessions and hours) will remain the same for the children of Key workers and ‘Vulnerable’ pupils.

We will continue to provide a hot meal for all pupils that currently have one.  Other pupils can bring a packed lunch as normal.

For children NOT attending from Monday there is likely to be a Government scheme to provide Pupil Premium entitled pupils with food or vouchers for food.  I await further information.  As previously stated we will come back to all parents with further information about work on-line for all pupils.  However, our priority right now has to be on preparing for closure and limited re-opening.

Expect more information and contact from us as guidance comes through and our own school plans develop.


Kindest Regards

Mr Hayles