Please find below information from the NHS regarding immunising your child that is currently attending Woodland Grange Primary School. It is up to the adult with legal responsibilty for the child to register for immunisation. The school cannot register children independently.

The date for immunisation (2020/21) at our school is Wednesday 28th October.

Please see the message (left) regarding immunisations this year from NHS England.

 Flu Immunisation Letters to Parents.pdfDownload
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Click to download the letter. To complete the consent form online you will need to visit: 

You will also require the code for our school. The code is LE145620

Ensure that the email address you provide is typed correctly and that there are no spaces or punctuation before or after the email address and the school code.
You will need to fully complete the consent form within one week of receiving this letter. If you try to complete the form in the seven days prior to the session date your consent may not be accepted.

 Protecting Your Child Against Flu leaflet.pdfDownload
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There is also a general leaflet published by the NHS and PHE about immunisation, as well as a link to the main NHS website for vaccinations.