Joining Woodland Grange

Foundation Stage is where many of our children begin their school life at Woodland Grange. It is an exciting, vibrant and creative learning space where, through a wide range of play and structured activities, our children can continue their early learning in a safe and secure yet stimulating environment.

To arrange a tour of our school please contact the school office. Having a look around a school is the best way to decide if it is the right environment for your child. 

Woodland Grange Primary School has recently converted to academy status (1/04/18). As a result we are required to adopt the Local Authority's admissions policy until such time as the governing body can begin a formal consultation to change it.

Please see the year that is relevant to when your child will start or move school to download the relevant admissions policy, entry and mid year transfer information.


 admissions-policy 2018 for entry sep2019.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme mid-term entry2019.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme primary entry2019.pdfDownload
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 admissions-policy 2017 for entry sep2018.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme mid term entry2018.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme primary entry2018.pdfDownload
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 admissions-policy 2016 for entry sep2017.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme entry2017.pdfDownload
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To apply for a place at Woodland Grange please contact Leicestershire County Council school admissions by following the link below.


Leicestershire County Council school admissions

Leicestershire County Council moving school

Leicestershire County Council guide to education 

 Click to open a map of our catchment area.

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