Preschool and Year 1 closed from tomorrow following a positive test. All parents have been informed, please check your emails.

Joining Woodland Grange

Many of our children begin their school life at Woodland Grange in our preschool. When the time comes, they will move up into our Foundation Stage. It is an exciting, vibrant and creative learning space where, through a wide range of play and structured activities, our children can continue their early learning in a safe and secure yet stimulating environment.

To arrange a tour of our school please contact the school office. Having a look around a school is the best way to decide if it is the right environment for your child. 

Woodland Grange Primary School has recently converted to academy status and as a result we are required to adopt the Local Authority's admissions policy until such time as the governing body can begin a formal consultation to change it.

Admissions information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Click below to open a map of our catchment area and information about school uniform.

 Woodland_Grange_Catchment_Map 2020.pdfDownload
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This is our Welcome book for all new starters.

 WGPS Welcome book 2020.pdfDownload
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To apply for a place at Woodland Grange please contact Leicestershire County Council school admissions by following the links below.


Leicestershire County Council school admissions

Leicestershire County Council moving school

Leicestershire County Council guide to education 

We expect all children to wear school uniform.

We have made a video for children starting at Woodland Grange.

This is an introduction video from Mrs Smith, our Assistant Head (It was originally posted on our New Starters Facebook page due to school closure).

 Reception Induction Process 2020.pdfDownload
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Reception Induction Process 2020

24/8: Teacher Day (no children in school)

25/8: Teacher Day (no children in school)

26/8-2/9: 1:1 meetings with new parents and children. The School will not be open to any children in the Foundation Stage.

3/9-9/9: Part time starts. Children will be allocated either a morning (9-11.30am) or an afternoon (12.45-3.15pm) Session.

10/9: All children will be in full time 8.50am-3.15pm.

Please note that if your child is currently in our Pre-School we will not be able to offer complimentary provision alongside your Reception part time start. Pre-School will also be inducting new children and will not have room to take children from Reception as well.

Letters detailing your meeting, part time start and your child’s class teacher will be sent out week beginning 29th June 2020.

A message from Mrs Hibbard, one of our Foundation teachers.

A message from Miss Yadav, one of our Foundation teachers.

A message from Mrs Parekh, one of our Foundation learning support assistants.

A message from Mrs Bagh, one of our Foundation learning support assistants.


 admissions-policy 2018 for entry sep2019.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme mid-term entry2019.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme primary entry2019.pdfDownload
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 admissions-policy 2017 for entry sep2018.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme mid term entry2018.pdfDownload
 coordinated admissions scheme primary entry2018.pdfDownload
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