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Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of children in our care; a happy and safe child will make progress and blossom!

Just like in the main school, we only employ police checked and well qualified staff members who are able to provide great references.  We are experts in securing the very best staff to work with our children and are proud of the expertise and wonderful caring attitude of our staff (see the 'Staffing' section for more information).  All our staff members receive comprehensive child protection training and have a hotline through to the main school Deputy Head or Headteacher if there is ever a serious concern.

Miss Motiwaras is a DSL and all staff have been trained in using CPOMS : A safeguarding and well-being system for schools. 

The setting has its own secure entrance that includes a waiting area that is further secured from the base where the children will be at play and work.  Our entrance is monitored by our CCTV system.

Children are only ever released to known adults and if someone other than a parent comes to collect a child we will insist on pre-authorisation from parents and will usually have insisted upon an introduction to the person collecting the child by the child's parents.  Where adults picking up children are not directly known to us we operate a password system to ensure the safety of children.

The pre-school has its own dedicated and secure outdoor play area but also benefits from access to the Foundation Stage areas and other parts of school.

Children in the pre-school will not mix with older school pupils during the day but may work alongside some Foundation Stage children from time to time.

Apart from the school telephone number, the pre-school will has its own dedicated telephone number.  This means between 7.30am and 6pm you can always contact a pre-school staff member.  We will always contact you if we have a concern about your child.




Our site has secure entry points so that only people known to staff will have access to the grounds and building.  The entry point will is monitored by CCTV.

Only authorised people known to staff will be allowed to collect children. In other cases a password system is used.

The safety of our children is vital. You as a parent need reassurance that we put safety first.  We carry out detailed risk assessments for all areas of our setting and the activities we undertake to enusre pupils are always kept safe.

Only police checked adults will ever work with your child.

See the 'Food/Health' section to learn more about healthy food, hygeine, medical needs and first aid.

A child that feels safe but that also benefits from the nurturing warmth of the adults around him/her is likely to be happy and in the very best state of mind to have fun and learn.

Our staff go out of their way to develop an atmosphere that makes the children feel that our pre-school is like a second home to them.