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Food/Nutrition, Hygiene, Medical Needs/First Aid


A healthy body and mind needs good food. We want our children to have the energy to enjoy their active day at our pre-school.

We know children can sometimes be fussy with their food but we gently encourage all children to eat well.  We ensure there is a rich variety to ensure there is something for everyone with different tastes and textures to explore.

In addition to snacks and meals there are plenty of opportunities for children to learn about and taste different foods as they will be involved in cooking and food making activities and will, for example, get to try foods linked to the various festivals and celebrations that will be part of our exciting curriculum.

All meals are nutritionally balanced and checked and vetted by the 'School Food Support Service' that works to the very strict guidelines set by the Government's Department for Education.  Breakfast, mid-morning and afternoon snacks are prepared by the pre-school staff but lunch will be freshly provided by our own in-school kitchen on a daily basis.  All staff involved in preparing food are suitably qualified and experienced.

Special diets because of allergies and food intolerances can all be catered for. Please discuss this with a staff member if your child has a particular need.  We will need a medical practitioner's letter to confirms any diagnosed food intolerance or allergy.  Following receipt of this we will ask you complete a short form that we pass to our school kitchen.  This will result in either different options being provided for your child or a completely separate menu depending upon your child's needs.

Breakfast - choice of 3 healthy cereals and toast (wholemeal or high grain white) with different spreads, and milk (served by 8.30am).

Mid-morning snack - fruit and milk or water.

Lunch - hot vegetarian or meat dinner choice with choice of dessert (served between midday and 12.30pm).

Afternoon snack - could include: toast/sandwiches/rolls/pittas/wraps; spaghetti/beans on toast; pasta; humous with carrot and cucumber sticks; crackers and cheese (served between 3.30 and 4pm).

Water is available throughout the day.


Sample Menu


To keep children safe and healthy our pre-school setting is cleaned to a very high standard, and we encourage children to be clean and healthy too.

Sensor taps in our toilet area ensure pupils can wash their hands independently and we teach them how to do this well, especially after using the toilet and before snack or meal times.

All children have little 'accidents' sometimes and we of course have spare clothes for children to change into.  Our pre-school has appropriate washing and drying facilities.  If your child has more than the average number of 'accidents' then we will encourage you to bring in extra underwear that we can tuck away for such 'emergencies!'

We anticipate that all children will be out of nappies/pull-ups by the time they start with us but please speak to a senior staff member if there is an issue regarding toileting.

Children in our setting spend a lot of time outside and will often be involved in 'messy' play.  We have suitable protective clothing such as aprons and of course we insist on appropriate outdoor wear (including wellington boots and full waterproofs - see 'Joining Pre-School' section for essential equipment).



Medical Needs / First Aid

Our staff are well qualified to deal with any first aid issues that arise.  We are also experienced in dealing with children with additional medical needs as a result of, for example: severe food allergy, diabetes and asthma.  Highlight any needs on our admission form and our staff will have an in-depth conversation with you prior to your child starting with us.

Whilst we do not routinely administer medicines in the Pre-School, at times it may be necessary for us to support your child to take prescribed medicines. You will need to request an 'Administration of Medicines' form before we can do so.

We are also well-versed in supporting children with disabilities.  Please again speak with us so we can fully understand your child's needs.