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Who will work with my Child?

Because our primary motive is not profit, ratios of adults to children will always be high and will always meet or better those laid down in regulations.

We only recruit the very best staff at Woodland Grange and ensure they are incredibly well-trained.  All staff members are police checked.

During normal school term-time and hours, the setting will be led by Mrs Amie Turner, a highly qualified teacher many years of experience in all aspects of Early Years education.  She leads a team of highly qualified staff members that will always meet the legal requirements in line with current ratios.  Any student pre-school workers e.g. student Nursery Nurses will be in addition to existing staff and never used instead of them. Mrs Turner and Miss Motiwaras will over-see the provision out of normal school hours and term-time, working closely with the staff who will take the lead at these times.

Staff are expert in getting to know your children's interests and what motivates them to learn, and your child will be allocated a Key Worker once they start with us in the pre-school. However, all staff within the provision will have a sound knowledge of every child within the base and use this to support their wellbeing and learning. 

Pre School Staff

Mrs Turner

Preschool Lead Teacher

 EY SEND Co-ordinator

Art Coordinator

Miss Motiwaras 

Preschool Room Lead


Mrs Ward Preschool Educator
Mrs Hames

Preschool Educator

Mrs Pinto Preschool Educator

Mrs Pick Preschool Educator

 Mrs Patel


Preschool Educator