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Road Safety

In the twenty-first century the numbers of cars and other vehicles on our roads is increasing all the time and it is ever more important for all young people to understand the potential risks and dangers.

Learning to stay safe on our busy roads is a complex task. At Woodland Grange we believe it is vital to teach our pupils how to be safe passengers, pedestrians & cyclists. Working together with parents, pupils and the school community is the only way we can ensure that we are safe when we are out and about.

What we do at Woodland Grange

  • Walk to school week – every year we encourage as many pupils in 'walk to school week' and promote sustainable travel in school.
  • We support National Road Safety Week (organised by BRAKE).
  • Remind children when going out of school (Forest school, swimming or school trips).
  • JRSO – each year we appoint Junior Road Safety Officers in school. They help to encourage all pupils to stay safe around school. They link to the Leicestershire County Council scheme to encourage school-age children to be safe on the roads.
  • We also work with the 'Choose how you move' team at County Hall. The team link with us to promote sustainable travel and support us in many ways.
  • Cycle proficiency – we want all pupils to feel safe when cycling or scooting. We offer pupils  ‘bikeability’ training (either from LCC or within school). 75% of Year 6 pupils were trained in Autumn 2019.
  • We have a dedicated cycling club - the 'Woodland Wheelers'. They offer cycle training to children and adults across the school. We also have the 'Woodland Wobblers' which offer balance bike training to younger members of the school.

  • Parking at school (including the school car park) – we know that the majority of our parents are safe and considerate when parking in or near school. We highlight any improper parking in our school newsletter and regularly remind all parents to consider local residents when parking outside of school.

Crossing the road

We want all our children to be safe whenever they're out and about. Remember this sequence every time you need to cross the road.

  1. Think - look for a safe place to cross.
  2. Stop - wait at the edge of the kerb.
  3. Look and listen - make sure you can hear as well as see any traffic.
  4. Wait - if there is any traffic, wait for it to pass.
  5. Look and listen again - check again for any traffic.
  6. Arrive alive - walk (don't run) straight across the road.








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We have won an award!

Woodland Grange has been acredited with the ModeShift Stars Bronze award for promoting sustainable travel at school.