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Vision and Values

Our mission statement is 'Aiming high to achieve excellence and success by working together.'

Woodland Grange Vision and Values

We will achieve our mission statement with a continued focus on our vision and values which form our ‘Aspiration Tree’. This is at the centre of everything we do and is celebrated in our reflection assemblies every other week.

Our Aspiration Tree

This is The Woodland Grange Aspiration Tree. It shows all of the qualities and attributes that we want our children to develop during their time with us.

Respectful and Empathetic

 At Woodland Grange we are proud of the mix of backgrounds from which our children come. Whether it is cultural or religious differences, we want every child at our school to be respectful and understanding of each other. Children consider what they can do to make the world a kinder, fairer and more respectful place. One kind word can go a long way. In our school we learn about many different faiths and we reflect on the cultural diversity of our school.

Physically Strong & Confident

At Woodland Grange we want all our children to be physically strong and confident. Having good core strength and stability, a good sense of balance and motor control is essential and can have a wide impact in many areas. The extensive range of opportunities for children at Woodland Grange is key to their development and we encourage them to be as physically active as possible, which in turn helps them develop in the classroom.


Creativity is at the very heart of Woodland Grange. It allows children to be individuals, helps to develop their self-esteem and leads to feelings of pride and accomplishment. In short, it is vital and we take every opportunity at our school to be creative.

Independent Thinkers

We empower children to be in charge of their own learning. Children are encouraged to become independent thinkers, considering the content of a lesson, asking ‘deep thinking’ questions. We want them to contribute to discussions, feel confident to share their point of view even if it contradicts the views of those around them. As they move on, we know that many of our pupils will have acquired the skills and experience to be thoughtful, caring and organised pupils, questioning the world around them.

Risk Takers

No one learns without making mistakes. Quite the opposite: we learn when we make mistakes. Our job is to support our children to feel safe enough to take risks and encourage them to do so. Taking risks means not worrying about getting it wrong. Taking risks means having the freedom and security to try something new.


We help all our children at Woodland Grange to be resilient individuals. Sooner or later every child will face a challenge at school, it is vital that they know how to deal with this. Building resilience is all about having a positive mindset, bouncing back from any setbacks and ultimately giving themselves the best chance at succeeding. Our children need to see that ‘having a go’ is just as important as ‘getting it right’.

Self-motivated, engaged and active

Exploring new things, working with the children and rewarding their progress - as well as the end results - has a massive impact on a child’s education. The desire to the best they can really sets our children apart. They take an active role in what they do, are self-motivated and are fully engaged in the learning process.

Oak Multi Academy Trust Vision and Values

We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to achieve to their potential and be supported in unique and bespoke ways to do so. Every child is unique, and our approach is tailored to advancing their own learning journey.

Our learners are ambitious, for themselves and for society. We nurture that ambition by providing a wide and varied curriculum that is experiential, rich, and looks at the ‘art of the possible’.

OAK Academies are based in knowledge rich learning practices. We want all children to be confident in their knowledge, to be able to apply skills to any situations they face, and to be sure of their learning and how they can use it to support their lives, and those of others. Our pupils and students demonstrate an intellectual curiosity that means learning isn’t a function of school, but a matter of everyday life.

OAK will support schools and children wherever we can add value. We are not precious about structures, but seek to work in collaboration for the bettering of our education system.