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Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page. We will keep this page updated with key news and information about our curriculum.

Core notices:

-Miss Smyton's class are swimming this term. 4DH to continue to bring indoor PE kit wed and 4BS to bring swimming kits and towels. 

-Ukuleles lessons every Monday as it was last term. 


It is really important that every child has a pair of indoor shoes that they are able to change into when in the classroom. With the cold, wet weather, the playground and outdoor spaces are much wetter and muddier this time of year. Having a pair of indoor shoes will ensure that the classrooms stay clean and comfortable environments for the children to learn in.

Key Documents

Overview of year- click

If you missed the curriculum evening, please have a look through the ppt by clicking here. Feel free to arrange a chat if there is anything you wish to discuss further. 


Below is an overview of the core spellings we learn this year:

Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Spring Term 2

Summer Term 1

Summer Term 2

PE and Swimming:

Our day for indoor PE is Wednesday. On this day, children need to bring their indoor PE kit to school in a bag. Mr Healey's class is going swimming in the Autumn term and so will need their swimming kits in school on Wednesday instead of their indoor PE kit.

Our day for outdoor PE is Friday. On this day, children can come to school wearing their outdoor PE kit and remain in their kit for the day.

Homework and Spellings

Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in on the following Friday.

Spellings will also be set on a Friday and will be tested on the following Friday. 

Reading Diaries

Children are encouraged to read at least three times a week with an adult. Teachers will check reading diaries weekly in order to check that children are reading regularly. Reading diaries will be checked on a Monday.

Timestables Practise 

We encourage weekly practise of timetables. There are regular tournaments and challenges which we set the children through the Times Tables Rockstars website -Times Tables Rock Stars ( will take home a letter explaining this website and have their own usernames and passwords. Teachers can use this website to set individualised timetables for each child to practise based on their performance in weekly class assessments. 

R.E. and P.S.H.E

This half-term, in R.E. lessons, children will be studying a unit of work on Hinduism. In P.S.H.E. lessons, children will be covering topics regarding staying safe in the wider world and dealing with increased responsibility as they get older.




This week we will be completing our unit on 'The Boy who Biked the World'. We will be looking at features of a persuasive advert before creating one our self.  

Towards the end of the week, we will begin our new unit on nonsense poems. We will be exploring imagery, onomatopoeia and rhyming words.  


Week beginning: Monday 4th March 2024


We will continue our digestive system write. We are writing a first person, present tense narrative, imagining that we are a piece of sweetcorn travelling through the digestive system. 

Techniques we are exploring this week are: illustrative devices, cohesion, tense, figurative language. 












Maths: We will continue our fractions topic looking at mixed number and improper fractions.  












History: We will explore Anglo-Saxon law and punishment. 

ICT: We will be continuing our topic on coding microbits. This week, we will be coding the microbits to become light sensors. 

PE: Miss Smyton's class will be going swimming. 

Mr Healey's class will continue indoor PE on gymnastics. 

Outdoor PE = continue the unit on orienteering. 

DT: This week, we will continue to explore existing shell structures, looking in further detail at what we mean by tabs, hinges and fasteners.  

Science: This week the science will link a lot with the DT as we are explaining about the human impact of litter (the DT project is to design a recyclable takeaway package).  


Week beginning 26/02 (first week back after half term)


We are starting our new topic writing a scientific narrative about digestion. 

We will be basing this on techniques used in a book called Human Body Detectives- the lucky escape (Dr Heather Manley)

GAPs- definite and indefinite article.  




Maths: We will be completing our topic on statistics (on data interpretation) before starting on Fractions. 











History: We will continue to explore how some anglo- saxons adopted Christianity from Paganism. We will be analysing sources of evidence and questioning which ones are reliable and non-reliable. 

ICT: We will be starting our new topic learning about how to code a microbit. 

Science: We are starting our new topic this week on Human Impact. We will explore the positive and negative impacts on the environment of new housing developments. 

DT: We are starting our new topic on shell structures. This week we will be looking at existing shell structures. 

PE: Indoor PE: Gymnastics/ Swimming

Outdoor PE: orienteering 



Take a look at our curriculum in action.



We had an amazing Roman day at Lunt Fort. We learnt about the life of a Roman Legionary and even had a go at different shield formations.

Making Roman heads of Caesar and sketching faces.