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Sports Premium

What is Sport Premium funding?

Sports Premium is additional funding from the government. This money is only allowed to be spent on physical education and sport within school, allowing additional and sustainable improvements to be made. Schools have autonomy over how this money should be used, providing maximum benefit for their pupils.

How do we use our Sports Premium funding?

To be physically confident is one of our core values at Woodland Grange. We encourage all children to participate in PE and Sport, with the goal for them to become physically confident and to have a good understanding of health and fitness. We aim to do this through;

  • High quality teaching and learning
  • Embedding physical activity throughout our curriculum
  • Encouraging teamwork through competitive sports and ‘friendly’ games.
  • Providing opportunities to try new sports/activities
  • Promoting the idea of holistic wellbeing
  • Developing young minds to become leaders (Sports Ambassadors/Playground leaders)

 We spend a large proportion of our funding on our school coach’s wage. He has a wealth of coaching experience and not only do our pupils benefit hugely from having a specific sports teacher but our teachers also do by being able to participate and observe in his lessons.

We have an annual subscription to the Leicestershire Schools Sports Partnership. This not only provides support for our PE lead but it enables the children to take part in lots of competition, festivals and events. This also includes a fee which goes towards medals and trophies.

We have a membership to Real Legacy. Real Legacy is a philosophy and approach which aims to transform how we teach PE in order to include, challenge and support EVERY child. It supports teachers and other deliverers to make small changes that will have a significant impact on their learners.

To ensure physical activity happens during playtimes, the children have been given playtime equipment to encourage movement, collaboration and fun! Different equipment provides new opportunities/games that can be delivered by our playground leaders. 

We had a qualified dance instructor, giving staff the opportunity to observe quality dance teaching and enabling children to learn a successful dance routine.

We have also provided a wide range of sporting opportunities and coaching from local sports clubs such as LCCC and Leicester Tigers. In addition, we have had support from external coaches to help engage those children that had low participation levels or activity levels. We ran Energize and Sparx Clubs to target these children as well as providing activity bags for children to use over the summer holidays.