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Year 2

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Welcome to our Year 2 page. We will keep this page updated with key news and information on our curriculum.

Our PE days are: Monday and Thursday. Please make sure earrings and any other jewellery are taken off on those days for safety purposes. 

Click here to open a plan for the year.

When we test the children on their dictations, we will send the books home for parents to look at. Please make sure they come back to school the next day – thank you. 

Click here to open the presentation for our curriculum evening.

For the 'Parents Guide to Reading with your Child' please click here.


Don't forget we need to have Indoor and Outdoor P.E kits in school all week. 


Both Year 2 classes will be doing Indoor P.E on Mondays. Both classes will be doing Outdoor P.E on Thursdays, so remember to take any jewellery off for those days and make sure that P.E kits are in school from Monday. We will send home P.E kits on Fridays to be washed. 

We will be checking reading diaries when we hear the children read each week and on a Friday morning. If there is a comment from an adult stating that the book has been read and fully understood, we will be changing the reading book. We will be doing Guided Reading every other week, so, we will check reading diaries on Tuesdays those weeks to see if reading books need changing. 

Don't forget to send in choosing books to change on a Tuesday and library books to change on a Friday.

We are continuing our reading challenge where the children who read their school reading book, at least 3 times a week, will get entered into a draw for the reader of the week. Lots of you have already been doing this and have taken up the challenge - keep up the great work. 



Week beginning 10th June 2024




In Maths, we are carrying on with our work about Time looking at the number of hours in a day. We will then be completing an assessment about Time to check what we know.

After that we will be starting our new topic about position and direction, beginning by focusing on the language of position e.g. above, below, between, beside.

You could also look at this website to do some work on your time skills.

O’clock and half past - Maths - Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


We will also be completing an assessment on reasoning problems covering a wide range of different areas of Maths.





















Phonics – we will be looking at ch as ch e.g. each/ armchair/ checked, then ch as tch e.g. switch/ sketching/ match, then ch+u as ure e.g. adventure/pictures/nature over 2 sessions.

We will be completing assessments on comprehension work, looking for answers in the text we read to show our understanding.

We will then begin work on a new book called Little Red.

We will start by making predictions about the book, then writing a book review when we have read it. We will be comparing it to the story of Little Red Riding Hood as well. We will then be writing a newspaper style piece of work about what happened to the wolf in the book using captions, headlines and pictures. We will also extend our work by trying to include quotes too.  



In P.S.H.E. , we will be learning that peoples feelings and bodies can be hurt and learning how to respect our own and other people’s bodies. We will be looking at how important it is to listen to others when they say no and that if someone isn’t having everyone needs to stop e.g. if play is too rough or when someone does something we don’t like.

In Science, we will be carrying on with our topic about our changing world. This week it will be focusing on how the different habitats that creatures live in are the ones best suited to them and discussing how habitats change throughout the year.

In our art work, we will be looking at work using college being inspired by a new artist – Ben Giles who uses photographs to create his work. This week we will be using the pictures brought in from home, of things that are important to each child, to create personalised collages using cutting and sticking.


In Music, we will be starting a new topic called 20th Century Music. We will be listening to film music and then creating our own selection of scary sounds.

In History, we will be carrying on our topic about Significant Explorers, focusing on Captain Scott and his trip to the South Pole. We will be looking into the reasons why Scott’s trip failed to reach the South Pole first.


Week beginning 17th June 2024

Happy Eid to all our families who are celebrating it this week. 

Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Sabir's class will have another Forest School session booked in, to replace the one we missed on Friday, so as soon as we know the date we will let you know.

This week Mrs Suleman's class have Forest School on Friday 21st June, so don't forget to wear your Forest School clothes or bring them to change into. 

Image result for forest school





In Maths, we are carrying on with our work on direction and position. We will be exploring how to describe movement and turns e.g. forwards, backwards, clockwise, quarter turn.

We will then apply this understanding to patterns of shapes, predicting what the shape will need to do to continue a pattern or identify what has happened to it compared to another shape.




There is some information about this on the website below.

Describe turns, position and direction -Maths - Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize
























Phonics – we will be looking at ch+u as ure e.g. adventure/pictures/nature, then sh as sh e.g. shell, shore, shimmering, then sh as ch e.g. parachute, brochure, machine and then sh as ti/ci e.g. optician, direction, delicious.

We will be carrying on our work on a the book called Little Red.

This week we will be editing our newspaper reports by re-reading them and finding ways to improve them. We will then be looking at ways to use similes to describe settings and characters – using the stem ideas of ‘It is as ……………….as………………………

Or trying out using the word ‘like’ in the middle of the simile e.g. The trees are rough to touch, like scratchy sandpaper. We will be trying to use adjectives in our similes too.

To finish off our work on this book, we will be writing a diary entry as if we were Little Red. This will mean writing in the style of a personal diary and using the first person.



In P.S.H.E. , we will be exploring the ideas of stereotypes and respecting the ideas of others even when they are not the same as our own. We will be finding out about why it is important to get to find out about a person to really know them.

In R.E, we are finding out about things that are sacred to Christians that you would find in a church.

In Science, we will be carrying on with our topic about our changing world. This week we will be looking at food chains.

In our art work, we will be looking at work using college being inspired by a new artist – Ben Giles who uses photographs to create his work. This week we will be planning and starting work on a collage about a Polar Landscape that will use drawings we make and photos that are printed out.

In Music, we will be carrying on our topic called 20th Century Music. This week we will be looking at the song Yellow Submarine by The Beatles identifying features in the song and creating new lyrics for the chorus.

In History, we will be carrying on with our topic about Significant Explorers, focusing on Ernest Shackleton and writing facts that we have learnt about him.










White Rose Maths White rose maths

We mentioned during the Curriculum evening that our Maths scheme is remaining as WRM. There are lots of resources such as videos and activities to support your children with at home on their website. It is free to create a login. 

Here is the link to sign up : 


Introducing Rocket Phonics


As part of the Oak Academy Trust, Woodland Grange Primary School are starting this academic year with a new Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme. From Pre-school to Year 2 we will now be using Rocket Phonics to support our teaching of reading and writing instead of our previous scheme which followed Letters and Sounds alongside Jolly Phonics.


What is Rocket Phonics?


Systematic Synthetic Phonics is not new in schools. We have chosen to use Rocket Phonics as it combines the alphabetic code knowledge and skills that are needed to learn to read and write, with language-rich children’s literature. This approach will embed phonics in context, and support a love of reading and writing from the outset.


Reading in Year 2

What does this mean for you?

  • We have a brand-new reading book scheme that works alongside the Rocket Phonics Programme to compliment our teaching in school.
  • The Rocket Phonic books are designed to appeal to children who are starting to learn to read, as well as those who are becoming fluent readers.
  • The books are a variety of fiction and non-fiction, written by phonics experts and children’s book writers.
  • All of the books have been carefully levelled according to book banding and other criteria, to ensure gradual progression in difficulty.


  • Foundation Stage pupils have a wide variety of new reading materials to send home, when they are ready.
  • In KS1, year groups 1 and 2, we will endeavour to ensure that your child has an appropriate reading book that seamlessly matches their reading ability as a continuation of their reading progress.

Handwriting and spelling

  • The children will be using new sound mats to support their letter and sound correspondences. There are 4 sound mats that will be available to download on the school website.
  • We are currently updating our handwriting and letter formation teaching strategy. We know that many of you are keen to have these resources to support your child’s learning at home. We aim to upload these on to the school’s website as soon as they are available.
  • In the first term of the academic year, each year group will hold a Curriculum Evening to explain their learning in more detail.



We will be sending home a dictation for your child to learn every other Tuesday. It will be stuck into their Homework book. We will test the children on the dictation the next Tuesday ( the date is written on the dictation). When we test them at school we won't do the sentences in the same order, so it is a good idea to mix the sentence order up when practising at home.  It will help with the children's spelling and also with their understanding of sentence writing and punctuation. It is a good idea to remind them where to put capital letters and full stops when writing out their dictation sentences to help them develop good habits in their writing. We will be giving out house points not only for correct spellings but for punctuation as well. 

Each child has been given a dictation based on how they are doing with their spellings and phonics. We will be reviewing the dictation groups regularly and will adjust groups if we think that is the right thing to do based on how the children are getting on.



Take a look at our curriculum in action.

Vegetable Chilli

We made vegetable chilli. We had to follow a recipe, chop all the ingredients, measure out all the quantities then cook it in a big pan. Once it was ready we got to taste what we had made. It was delicious! 

Great Fire of London 

We learnt all about the Great Fire of London. We made model houses and created our own model of London from 1666 placing the buildings very close together. Then we recreated the Great Fire itself! It was very exciting to watch.

Great Fire of London 1666

Christmas biscuits

We made cheesy Christmas biscuits. It was hard work making the dough. We had to weigh all the ingredients and follow the recipe carefully.

Grace Darling

We looked at the story of Grace Darling. Look at our amazing lighthouse pictures.


We learnt all about castles. We went on a trip to visit Warwick Castle, it was amazing! There were lots of steps to climb up Guy's Tower. It is 39 metres high! We watched the Trebuchet being fired and saw the birds of prey display. It was an amazing day.

Healthy Eating

We made healthy and unhealthy lunchboxes.